Frequently asked questions

I your question not in the list? Please contact me for more information.

vraag: For which tools & languages can i hire you?
antwoord: See tools for an overview of frequently used tools and languages, or please contact me for your specific question.

vraag: For what branches and sectors are you available?
antwoord: Basicly for each branch. I worked on projects for a.o healthcare, ecommerce, real estate, government

vraag: When are you (currently) available?
antwoord: See projects for an overview and/or please contact me for more information

vraag: Are you also available for parttime projects?
antwoord: Basicly not, to be able to provide quality i like to keep my focus. Sometimes there is a some space in the planning, please contact me for more information

vraag: Do you also work based on fixed price?
antwoord: No

vraag: What is your rate?
antwoord: This depends on the complexity and duration of the project, please contact me for more details.

vraag: Who is the owner of the intellectual property?
antwoord: Thats always the commisioner and is usually included in the agreement.

vraag: Do you have a corporate liability insurance?
antwoord: Of course. For more details please contact me.

vraag: Is it possible to create a SLA ?
antwoord: Yes thats possible. For more details please contact me.


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